Introduction to the 'Sadhamma Preaching Fund'

It is quite known to us that on 30th January 2012 A.D, our beloved spiritual teacher, the most of his holiness Ven. Sadanananda Mahathero (popularly known as Vana Bhante) attained Arahanthood at the age of 93. His attained Arahanthood was a huge breakthrough and irreparable loss to the Buddhist society in the Chittagong Hill Tracts as well as in the world. It will take much time to come as same as the Arahat Bhikkhu like him in this present world. Buddha said "Anicchabatta Sam Kara" it means all the forms (conditionness) in this world are impermanent.
Yet, so as to make 2012 noteworthy, to pay our great, humble, and deep respect to Ven. Vana Bhante, along with an aim and objective for the mankind, to widely flourish Buddhism, to expand, preserve the prosperity of the Buddha's teaching, and reach Buddha's messages to the people living at various places, and to follow Ven. Bana Bhante noble principles, protect his reign and save his founded institutions. So to prolong & keep up that very noble work. He (Ven.Nandapal Mahathero) has began taking steps by establishing a "Sadharma Preaching Fund".
It's upon worth mentioning that in the year 1999, his spiritual teacher (i.e.-Ven. Bana Bhante) approved and confered him (Ven.Nandapal Mahathero) the responsibilities of expanding Buddha's teaching beyond Bangladesh. So far till now with the blessing of his spiritual teacher, he is continuing and carries out his duties and responsibilities to preach Buddhism in Bangladesh as well as in India.
Hence, to put more emphasis, move forward and functioning smoothly of that great auspicious noble holy work. He (Ven.Nandapal Mahathero) hereby declares that on the last of 17th August 2012, Friday, at 'Savar Bana Vihar', Dhaka, Bangladesh, the "Sadharma Preaching Fund" was instituted, where he passed one rain-retreat in 2012. Buddha said "Sabbha Danam, Dhamma Danam, Jinati". It means the act of Dhamma Danam (religious endowment) triumph over all other act of charities, it is the highest charity that a man can do in his lifetime, and it is above all others charitable deeds.
Proclaiming by paying deep respect to holly trinity (Buddha, Dharma, Sangha), all the charitable and religious minded man and women are requested to be a part of this boundless blessing and merciful work by giving monthly or yearly endowment as possible. Whoever has been & will continue to be a keen part of this "Sadharma Preaching Fund" they are going to have a share in this religious merit of every moment in this present life or of life hereafter.
Aside that, so far all those people who have coordially helped him in this & will be doing so, every year he (Ven. Nandapal Mahathero) will dedicate his reward of religious performances to them for the whole lifetime. In the name of them (Agent or member), every year for their (Agent or Member) prosperous, progress, development, welfare and well-being in this present life or of life's hereafter, he has been meditating under the sacred Bodhi Tree at BodhGaya, India. He further said that he would continue doing meditation for them throughout his lifetime.
So our humble request to you all, to be a great support in this ("Sadharma Preaching Fund") with as much as possible/as you would like. Therefore do not delay, and participate in this righteous act to experience the genuine happiness, peace & harmony and to visualize the spacious of the path that lead to salvation (Nibbana) from this world of suffering one day.
NOTE: - All faithful devotees each and everyone, male or female, rich or poor, educated or uneducated, irrespective of any cast, creed, sex and religions are welcome to be an agent or member of the 'Sadharma Preaching Fund'.

Please remember your supporting hand and co-operation is very much needed to Ven. Nandapal Mahathero to preach Buddhism internationally without having any financial trouble.